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Green Cleen Australia was started after a lot of research and planning by Donna Groom, of Green Cleen Australia. Donna was previously involved in the cleaning industry, owning and operating a very successful business. Her employees were constantly being asked "how to clean the bins", "who cleans the wheelie bins" or "does your company clean the wheelie bins" she knew she had to find the most cost effective, professional, affordable, productive and environmentally friendly way to clean a wheelie bin.

With a thorough understanding of the cleaning industry, the search for answers began. Her research took her in and beyond Australia. It ended with Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners. "Once I had analysed Green Cleen's systems, operations and their mobile bin cleaning equipment I knew I had answered all the questions".

"The Green Cleen bin cleaning equipment was far superior to any alternative company. With the Green Cleen equipment being able to clean two wheelie bins simultaneously, the capacity to clean commercial size bins, the hydraulic lifting of the wheelie bins resulting in NO manual lifting for the operator, and with the equipment fitting neatly onto the back of a ute rather than a much larger chasis or inconvient heavy trailer, the decision was made to bring Green Cleen to the Australian marketplace. Having been involved in the cleaning industry for many years I was seeking equipment that was the least labour intenstive for the operator. I also knew that potentially everyone in Australia could be a Green Cleen customer".

We focus alot of attention on the bin cleaning equipment because ultimately the bin cleaning business is the bin cleaning equipment. Our bin cleaning equipment is manufactured right here in Australia.

With our professional training and ongoing support, both nationally and internationally, our qualilty service, high productivity and the maneuverability of our unique wheelie bin cleaning equipment we succeed.

Green Cleen Australia's goal for our franchisees is to offer the best wheelie bin cleaning equipment available, that will allow the cleaning of as many bins per day as possible in the most user friendly way.

We offer our franchisees the best equipment and this coupled with our proven systems and procedures makes for a successful franchise opportunity.

A Green Cleen franchisee works smarter not harder. This is what Green Cleen offers its franchisees and sets us apart from others in the industry.

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