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The Green Cleen Wheelie Bin Cleaning Unit

Our Australian made equipment has proven durability. The Green Cleen Wheelie Bin Cleaning units have been designed and tested to be the leaders within this industry. The wheelie bin cleaning unit fits neatly onto a one tonne ute rather than onto a much larger chassis or an inconvenient trailer. The wheelie bin cleaning equipment has been tried and tested out in the field for the past 10 years and continues to exceed expectations for our franchisees.

Yes we even clean the larger metal bins of all sizes. Our purpose built vacuum/pump attachment sucks all the watse water out of these big bins after cleaning them.

Green Cleen equipment equipment equipment

Simple to operate and maintain, the equipment is totally environmentally friendly and recycles all water used in the wheelie bin cleaning operation until discharged at a legally registered site. We save thousands of litres of water being used each week. All bins are hydraulically lifted resulting in minimal effort to clean the wheelie bins. Our oil based hydraulics are so reliable we have not repaired one in nine years of using the wheelie bin cleaners.

It is possible to realistically clean up to 200 domestic sized wheeled bins with one fill of 450 litres of water.

Beware cheap imitations.
Our Australian made equipment has proven durability and an automated lifting system designed to avoid operator back troubles. Our equipment capable of cleaning two domestic bins simultaneoulsy, doubles your productivity and provides a flexibility of operation that allows not only a household service, but also has commerical, industrial and even local government applications.Green Cleen's equipment allows you to clean bins of all sizes allowing you the opportunity to capture as much of the market as possible in your area.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider when purchasing your bin cleaning business is the bin cleaning equipment.


Because the equipment should do all the work for you and be as productive as possible. Bin cleaning is a numbers game. The more you clean - the more you make (profits).


Does the equipment clean both domestic and commercial bins of all sizes - or just domestic?

Many of the bin cleaning units available do not allow the operator to clean commercial bins of all sizes - why if you are serious about becoming involved in the bin cleaning business restrict yourself to just domestic bins in your area? Green Cleen's equipment allows you to clean bins of all sizes allowing the opportunity to capture as much of the market as possible in your area - and of course the profits to go with it!

Does the equipment lift the bins onto the back of the vehicle or trailer? Or do you have to do it?

Repetitive lifting of the bins is physically demanding on the body and increases the risk of injury to the operator. The Green Cleen Duplex Bin Cleaning Equipment requires no manual lifting. All our lifting is done by hydraulic lifter. The hydraulic lifter is constructed and maintained to be, workable, safe and without risk to the health or safety of the operator. Ten years of proven success in the market place with our equipment ensures the Green Cleen franchisee of it's relability, productivity and success. The Green Cleen franchisee lifts NOTHING. Our Australian manufactured bin cleaning equipment has been designed, tried and tested to reduce the significant risks involved with continual manual handling.

How many bins can the equipment clean simultaneously?

The Green Cleen Duplex bin cleaning equipment is the most productive with the ability to service both domestic and commerical bins. The Duplex is highly productive being able to clean, sanitise and deodorise any two size bins up to 240 litre size simultaneously, in as little as three minutes. The Duplex will also lift and clean commerical bins - sizes 660 litre up to the large 1100 litre bin. We also can clean the larger metal bins too.

Does the bin cleaning equipment have to be towed or does it fit onto the back of a ute or similar vehicle?

The Green Cleen Duplex bin cleaning equipment is "ute"mounted and is highly maneuvrable, just like driving a normal car, eliminating the necessity of maneuvring both vehicle and trailer or larger less maneuvrable and costly vehicles. Our streets are now busier than ever and knowing that with the Green Cleen equipment fitting neatly onto the back of a ute, we experience minimal access problems due to parking or traffic congestion.

At the end of the day Green Cleen is in the wheelie bin cleaning business and our goal for our franchisees is to be able to offer you the best wheelie bin cleaning equipment that allows you to clean as many bins per day as possible in a user friendly way.

This is what sets Green Cleen apart from its competitors. We offer our franchisees the best bin cleaning equipment to do the job and this coupled with our proven systems and procedures makes for a successful franchise opportunity.

We welcome the opportunity for any prospective franchisee to visit us, obligation free, to see why we believe our bin cleaning equipment to be superior to all others. We dare you to compare!!

Call us at Green Cleen on 1300 550 523 and book your obligation free demonstration.


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