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Franchising - Training and Support



At Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners, we choose to offer our Franchisees an outstanding training and support package. We offer professional training in both the operation of your wheelie bin cleaning equipment and the running of our proven systems, as well as practical training on an already established Green Cleen round.

To comply with all Health and Safety regulations we carry out a full training program that covers all aspects of wheelie bin cleaning, including the use of the Green Cleen Wheelie Bin Cleaning Handbook and Management Manual along with thorough training for the use of the Green Cleen Wheelie Bin Cleaning Computer Software Scheduler.

Our proven training and support package covers all areas from Pre Launch right through with the continual management support of our franchisees.

At Green Cleen our franchisees work smarter ....not harder!!


Introduction to "The System" and the use of the Franchisees Handbook and Management Manual
Obtaining all necessary and relevant consents and licences
Preparing your tailored Green Cleen business plan
Sales Training and introduction to our Marketing Plan. How to secure the business
Software Training for your Green Cleen wheelie bin cleaning scheduling round
Practical training on an established and successful Green Cleen round
Training on how to care and maimtain your bin cleaning equipment.
Signage for vehicle - business depend on signs to sell, inform and communicate with customers
Workplace safety
PR photographs to use in press release for local newspaper at time of launch

Your pre launch package will ensure you have the confidence and necessary skills to provide a professional service to your customers from launch.


Securing your customer base - putting what you have learnt into action
Sales and marketing techniques - putting what you have learnt into action
Continued training on an established and successful Green Cleen round
Press release in local newspaper


Use of Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners, Free Call telephone number, regular franchise meetings, ongoing assistance with the growth of your territory, ongoing business/marketing advice, ongoing franchise operations updates and technical information updates as they develop.

Being a Green Cleen franchisee offers many advantages - from the training and support of an established organisation to the opportunity to own a potentially thriving and successful business with full ongoing local, national and international support provided to ensure your success.

Franchising enables a group of similarly motivated people who believe in a system and product to establish a relationship that results in a win/win scenario.

For more detailed information on this exciting business opportunity please Freecall 1300 550 523 for an information package.

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