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A Green Cleen customer can expect excellent customer service. A safe bin is more than just a cleaned bin! As part of the cleaning process your wheelie bin will be sprayed with specially formulated sanitiser /deodoriser This contains a penetrating, hospital grade disinfectant that is absorbed into the plastic of the wheelie bin, killing the germs and bacteria that are the source of the offensive smell.
We meet all EPA and Water Authority guidelines.         
O H & S Accredited.

About Green Cleen

Solving the problem of dirty,   smelling and unhygienic bins is exactly what Green Cleen is all about. We provide a cost effective, professional, affordable, productive and environmentally friendly way to clean your bin. Our proven and highly successful wheelie bin cleaning systems and our committment to protecting the environment has resulted in  being awarded the coveted "Green Apple" award for "Best Environmental Practise"



Green Cleen, The Wheelie Bin Cleaners, with its highly productive wheelie bin cleaning unit and its proven systems and procedures offers Franchisees the opportunity to become involved in a successful wheelie bin cleaning business that is cash based with over 95% regular, repeat customers, no major stock holdings or premises to rent, low overheads and high profits.
Watch our video to see
how we clean your
wheelie bins
"I highly recommend Green Cleen services to anyone. Professional, reliable and my bin smells great! ".
J.P. - Newport

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